Press Release

Virtual Candidate Forum

Please join the Idaho Springs Chamber of Commerce for a Virtual Candidate Forum on october 20 at 6:00 PM. 


All of the Candidates running for office will attend for the Mayoral, Council and City Clerk and Treasurer Positions.


You can participate in the Webinar with the following link or information:

City Council Resolutions No. 21 and 22, Series 2021 in support of Ballot Questions 2A and 2B

Idaho Springs City Council has passed two resolutions, No. 21 and 22, Series 2021 in support of City Ballot Questions 2A and 2B.


City Ballot Question 2A concerns the imposition of a City Marijuana Excise Tax, pursuant to the Colorado Revised Statutes which grant Municipalities the right to impose such tax. Currently, excise tax on Marijuana transfers in the City goes to Clear Creek County. If passed these funds will transfer to the City of Idaho Springs. This tax does not increase the existing tax burden on any business or person in the City.

The Great Pumpkin Caper at Carlson Elementary School

The preschool class at Carlson Elementary School planted, watered and were growing pumpkins in preparation for
Halloween. They worked very hard to nurture and care for their pumpkin patch. Some of the preschoolers had hoped
the “Great Pumpkin” from the Peanuts cartoon was going to make an appearance at the pumpkin patch during the
upcoming Halloween festivities.
However, on September 22nd, 2021 at approximately 9:40 pm the prospect of learning how to clean a pumpkin, roast