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Code Enforcement

Contact Information

Steven Zacharias
1711 Miner St / PO Box 907
Idaho Springs, CO80452
(303) 567 4421 x 117

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About Code Enforcement
Online Parking Ticket Payment
Common Parking Mistakes
Parking Ticket Fine Schedule
Dispute a Ticket
Parking Plan

Parking Permit Information


The Code Enforcement Officer is authorized to enforce Chapters 10 and 16 of the Municipal Code, as well as Section 15-55concerning abandoned vehicles, and all parking regulations.

Idaho Springs Parking Plan

Online Payment

Allow 2 business days after the violation date before attempting to pay the ticket online. Fines are due within 15 days of violation date.
Click HERE to make online payment.
If you are having trouble paying your ticket online please pay over the phone at (303) 567- 4421 or through the mail by sending check payable to City of Idaho Springs to PO BOX 907 Idaho Springs, CO 80452
Tickets more than 30 days past due will be turned over to Red River Collections at (303)316-0209.

Common Parking Mistakes That Result in Tickets

  • Parking within 5ft.of a driveway, alley, or fire hydrant
  • Parking within 20ft.of or blocking a crosswalk/corner (Marked or unmarked crossings apply.)
  • Blocking a sidewalk
  • Occupying more than one parking space (You must park within the markings.)
  • Parking more than three hours in the downtown area
  • Parking in a loading zone and not VISIBLY loading or unloading (Simply having blinkers on or an open trunk doesn\'t work).
  • Parking in a handicap parking space (for any reason) if you do not have a permit.
  • Parking in the 24 hour lot for over 24 hours

Parking Ticket Fine Schedule

Code Violation Minimum Fine
(if paid within 15 days)
Maximum Fine
(if paid after 15 days)
15-5 Overtime parking $20 $40
15-5 Sec 5 (b) Disabled parking zone $60 $120
1204 (1)(k) No parking zone $20 $40
12-54 No parking after hours $15 $30
1205 Parking wrong side of the street $20 $40
1204 (2)(a) Blocking driveway $30 $60
1204 (1)(f) Double parked $25 $50
1204 Improper parking $20 $40
1204 (2)(b) Parking too near a fire hydrant $30 $60
  Other $15 $30

Dispute a Parking Ticket

City Hall staff cannot dismiss a parking ticket. To dispute a parking ticket you need to schedule a court appearance with the Court Clerk.

Steven Zacharias
1711 Miner St / PO Box 907
Idaho Springs, CO80452
(303) 567 4421 x 117

Parking Permit Information

Per Resolution No. 8, Series 2017

The Code Enforcement Officer, or his or her designee, is authorized to issue parking permits to qualified applicants, under the guidelines set forth below, that authorize the parking of vehicles within the City parking lot located at 24 hour parking lots between 14th and 17th Avenues in excess of the otherwise applicable time limitations:
1. For purposes of this Resolution, an individual is qualified to apply for a City parking lot permit if she or he makes his or her permanent residence in the Historic Preservation District, as such district is defined by Chapter 22 of the Idaho Springs Municipal Code.
2. At the time of application, an applicant must provide evidence of his or her eligibility to apply for a permit in all of the following forms, indicating the applicant’s residential address is within the Historic Preservation District:
(A) a current Colorado Driver’s License,
(B) vehicle registration,
(C) six month or longer lease agreement,
(D) proof of mailing address. At the time of application, the applicant must provide proof of current vehicle insurance.
3. The applicant must complete a parking permit application on a form provided by the City.
4. Every permit issued hereunder shall expire after December 31st of the calendar year during which it is issued.
5. Each permit issued shall authorize the parking of one (1) identified vehicle.
6. An individual may hold only one (1) parking permit at any time.


Parking Permit Application

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