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Idaho Springs Reservoir

Idaho Springs Reservoir

The Idaho Springs Reservoir is located in the upper portion of the Chicago Creek watershed at an approximate elevation of 10,600 feet and is a popular destination for hikers and anglers alike. It can be accessed on foot the Chicago Lakes Trail. Use of the access road is by permit only and available exclusively to Idaho Springs residents.

Permit Policy

  1. Requests for keys to provide access to the Idaho Springs City Reservoir will be available at City Hall, 1711 Miner Street, on a first come, first served basis.

  2. Use of the key is limited a 24 hour period per request designating the number of persons in the permit holder’s party and description of the allowed vehicle. One vehicle per key. No busses allowed.

  3. Overnight camping at or adjacent to the reservoir on City property is permitted only with adequate sanitary facilities.No camping is permitted on or adjacent to the access road.

  4. No fires except in designated fire pits on City property.

  5. Parking is permitted in designated parking areas only.

  6. Permit holders are to close and lock the gate after entry and exit.

  7. The date the key is to be returned will be indicated on the request form and on the permit issued. Keys checked out on Friday must be returned by noon the following Monday.

  8. Proof of City residency or property ownership is required.

  9. The permit must be either displayed on the dash of the vehicle or carried on the user’s person at all times while inside the gated area. The permit is non-transferable.The permit holder must accompany his or her party.

  10. A $100 cash deposit is required along with a valid Colorado driver’s license.If the key is returned on time, the deposit will be refunded in full.

  11. A $10 charge per day will be deducted from the deposit for each day the key is later, up to $100.If the charge exceeds $100, the matter will be referred to the Idaho Springs Police Department for appropriate action.

  12. Failure to return the key when due may result in loss of the privilege to borrow the key.

  13. Fishing is to be CATCH AND RELEASE ONLY.

  14. Fishing is to be with lures only, no live bait.

  15. All trash must be picked up and carried out of the Reservoir premises.

Permit Process

  • Applications are available at City Hall or you may print the form below and bring it in with you.

Reservoir Key Agreement.pdf

  • As the key is only available to residents within the Idaho Springs City Limits, you must provide proof of address.

(We will accept a Drivers License, Utility Bill, Rental Agreement, or other official document that shows your name andphysical address)

  • A $100 cash deposit is required. The deposit will be refunded in full if the key is returned on time.

  • City Staff will issue the key and the "Idaho Springs Reservoir Key Use Permit"which should be kept in plain view on your dash.

How to Get There

The Idaho Springs Reservoir is located approximately 11 miles south along Colorado Highway 103. From Idaho Springs at the intersection of I-70 and Highway 103, proceed south on Highway 103 to mile marker 9. Two hundred feet past mile marker 9, on the right side of Highway 103, is the gated access road. If you see mile marker 10, you have gone too far. Follow access road 2.75 miles to the Idaho Springs Reservoir Dam. 4 wheel drive recommended.