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Utility Billing Schedule
How to Pay
Utility Rates
New Owner/Renter
New Taps
Hauled Water

Water/Sewer Billing Schedule

"Billing Schedule"]

Water/Sewer bills come out every other month.


"Lost Bills"]

Because the water/sewer bills are printed on a postcard (and easily misplaced in the mail), it is recommended that you put a reminder on your calendar (paper, phone or computer) for the second week of every odd month. If you don't receive a bill by then, please contact our office to get the amount due.



Utility charges are ultimately the liability of the property owner and if unpaid, water service may be subject to discontinuance. In addition, charges may be subject to a lien on the property and certification to the County Treasurer for collection.



Printable Billing Calendar

ical Download

Google Calendar Link


How to Pay Utility Bills


Payable to City of Idaho Springs
Mail: P.O. Box 907, Idaho Springs, CO  80452.
Drop Off: City Hall at 1711 Miner Street 
Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
After Hours: Secure Drop Box


"Credit Card"]

You can pay your bill by credit card by phone (303-567-4421) during normal business hours, or you can CLICK HERE to sign up for electronic payments. Follow the directions to set up your account. 
PLEASE NOTE: When inputting your account numbers DO NOT use any periods. Also, if you are a renter the account needs to be set up under the home owners’ name. The name must be entered exactly how it appears on your bill. If you have any questions, please call (303) 567-4421.


"Late Fees"]

A 10% penalty will be assessed on all bills which are past due. Penalties may be waived depending on the history of the account. However, they are looked at on a case-by-case basis. Penalties can only be removed once a year.


"Shut Off Notices and Door Hangers"]

Shut off notices are sent to the home owner, and a door hanger is placed at the physical address. You will be given one week to come in and pay the amount due.
If the balance is not received when indicated on the door hanger, your water will be shut off. If this happens a $50.00 shut off fee will be added to your account and another $50.00 will be added to turn it back on.


"Financial Hardship Payment Arrangements"]

If you are experiencing financial hardship, arrangements for extended payment terms can be made by contacting the Utility Clerk. You should arrange this as soon as possible so the account does not incur penalties.
When an agreement has been reached, the monthly payments must be paid on time. In addition to the monthly payments, when the new bill is sent out it MUST be paid in full. If the agreement is broken then the entire amount will be due immediately.


Utility Rates

"Rate Information"]

Water and sewer rates and charges, together with any other chargesto be invoiced with water rates, shall be billed bi-monthly, in arrears. Charges or fees for disconnection, reconnection, plan review, construction observation, repair, cure of defects and owner-initiated meter reads imposed under this Chapter shall be invoiced on the first statement following completion of the work, and shall thereupon be deemed for all purposes to be charges for water or sewer service, depending upon which system is involved. If payment in full is not received by the City on or before the last day of the month in which the charges were billed, they shall be deemed delinquent.View Rates


"Meter Reads and Estimated Bills"]

The meters are read at the beginning of all even months. If for some reason your meter cannot be read and Public Works contacts you, it is your responsibility to get with them as soon as possible. If your meter cannot be read an estimated bill will be sent out.


New Owner/Renter


If you are a new home owner in Idaho Springs, please stop by, or call City Hall to let them know what name is now on the water/sewer account.If you are within the City limits, you will need to open a post office box to receive your mail. As the home owner it is your responsibility to keep your mailing address updated so you can receive your bills.




Fax: 303-567-4955 



"How to Conserve Water and Detect Leaks"]

Vist Home Water WorksHEREfor tips on water conservation and leak detection information.


Hauled Water

"Location and Hookup Information"]

The haul water station is located at 200 West Colorado Boulevard and the cost of water is $20.00 per 1,000 gallons.The hose that connects to the station is a 2-1/2” fire hose and there is a 3” CAM adapter available as well.


"Types of Permits"]

  1. Pay as You Go:Once you get an account set up (no charge) you can come in and put money on your account.City Hall is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00.This is the only way you can put money on your account. If you don’t have money on your account you will not be able to get water.Prepaid Permit Application

  2. Set up an Account:You can get an account set up and sign a permit (there is a $100 charge) and you will be billed monthly for the amount of water you have used.The permit is good through the end of the year and will need to be renewed at the beginning of each year.Credit Customer Permit Application


"How to Set Up New Account"]

For either option you will need to provide the following information to set it up:

  • Name of individual or company
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Billing contact (address and phone)
  • Trucklicense plate number
  • Capacity of tank
  • Driver name

There are three ways to pay for your water:cash, check or credit card (there is a $5.00 convenience charge) and we accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Contact Utility Clerk


New Taps

"Plant Investment Fee"]

Water License Tap fee, plant investment fee

Inside city limits $ 6,845.00 (per EQR)

Outside city limits $13,690.00 (per EQR)

Sewer, License Tap, plant investment fee

Inside city limits $ 12,053.00 (per EQR)

Outside city limits $ 24,106.00 (per EQR)

Tap License Fee Spreadsheet


"EQR Table"]

Meter Size Type EQR
¾" Displacement or Multi-Jet 1.0
1" Displacement or Multi-Jet 1.7
1¬Ω" Displacement or Class I Turbine 3.3
2" Compound Displacement or Class I &, II Turbine 5.3
3" Displacement 10.0
4" Displacement or Compound 16.7
6" Displacement or Compound 33.3
10" Compound 76.7




Fax: 303-567-4955 


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