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Municipal Court

The information on this site pertains only to the Municipal Court for the City of Idaho Springs. All court proceedings are governed by city ordinances, court rules and state statutes. Court employees are not allowed to give legal advice, but will be happy to answer any procedural questions.

Contact Information

Kelsey Smith
Court Clerk
1711 Miner St / PO Box 907
Idaho Springs, CO 80452
(303) 567 4421 x122
Fax: (303)567-4955

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The Idaho Springs Municipal Court has jurisdiction over violations of city ordinances. This court handles Traffic, Parking, Animal, No Proof of Insurance, and Misdemeanor criminal offenses that have occurred within the Idaho Springs city limits. This court does not handle DUI, serious theft or drug possession offenses. These tickets are written into the County and District combined court. A County or District Court summons may be blue, white or yellow and written by a state patrol officer, a Clear Creek County Deputy Sheriff, or an Idaho Springs Police officer. For these tickets contact Clear Creek County Combined Courts at (303)569-3274.


A parent or legal guardian must appear with juveniles on all cases.

Court Hours and Location

Court is held at the Idaho Springs City Hall. Enter through the front door on Miner Street and the Clerks Window is to your left.

City Hall
1711 Miner St
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

Office hours
Monday -Friday 8:30 4:30 p.m.


Court Schedule

Court is once a month, on the third Thursday @ 10:00 a.m.

Court Schedule 2019

Pay Your Fine

If your citation has a fine amount and surcharge listed, you may pay your citation early without a court appearance. The payment must be RECEIVED 3 days prior to your scheduled court appearance. Court costs will be assessed on cases where a defendant appears in court and is convicted or accepts a settlement.

Use the citation number shown on the ticket as the case number. Include the letter and the following numbers with no spacing.
Enter your name - Last, First
Click HERE to pay online. Please note there will be a $5.00 convenience fee added to the total amount due.
Please allow 10 days after the violation date before attempting to make an online payment. If you cannot find your information at this time please contact court clerk by email.


By Mail
Make checks payable to City of Idaho Springs and send to
Idaho Springs Municipal Court
PO Box 907
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

In Person
1711 Miner St
Idaho Springs, CO 80452
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

By Phone
With a credit or debit card. We accept Visa/MasterCard/Discover and add a $5.00convenience fee to the total fine amount. (303) 567-4421.


I lost my ticket. What do I do?
The Municipal Court sees most traffic cases – (speeding, following too closely, etc.)
You may call the Idaho Springs Municipal Court Clerk at (303) 567 4421 x122 to search for your case by last name or date of birth.
More serious charges (such as DUI or possession) are written into Clear Creek County Courts.
If you received your ticket fewerthan 10 days prior to your call the Courts may not have received your records yet.

What if I need time to pay my citation?
Fines and costs are due on the date that you either plead guilty or are found guilty after trial. In some cases the judge may grant a payment schedule – if the payment is not made by a the agreed upon date a warrant for arrest may issue and/or the DMV will revoke your driving privilege.

How do I act in court?
Court etiquette includes dressing appropriately for court. Do not eat or drink in the courtroom. There are no cell phones or pagers allowed in the courtroom. There may be other cases called before your case. The municipal court is a court of record so please be quiet and patient so that a good recording is made. If you are wearing a hat, please remove it in the courtroom. When the judge calls your name, step up to the podium. If you do not understand, be sure to tell the judge that you do not understand.


Your Rights
Code Enforcement
Municipal Code
Idaho Springs Police Department
Colorado DMV
State Patrol
Clear Creek County Sheriff




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