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Police Forms

Idaho Springs Police Truck

Ride Along Program

The Idaho Springs Police Department is pleased that you have chosen to participate in our ride-along program to provide interested citizens with and insight into the line of operations of the Police Department. It is our hope that you will find this experience to both informative and enjoyable. Citizens will be limited to one shift every 6 months unless other arrangements are made and approved by the Chief of Police.

Prior to going on a ride along with The Idaho Springs Police Department, all applicants must complete and sign the Idaho Springs Police Department Citizen Ride Along Waiver and Release. The rider will then be notified by phone of his/her acceptance to ride-along with an officer.

We would like you to be fully aware of the conditions and circumstances under which this program operates

Please read this information page and sign the ride-along waiver then return to the Idaho Springs Police Department by mail or by emailing applications to

  • You must be 15 years of age to ride with an officer. Anyone under 18 must obtain parent/legal guardian permission. 
  • Riders are required to remain with the police vehicle, or other locations as directed by an officer, when officer is making traffic stop or answering calls for service.
  • Riders will obey instructions given by the officer they are riding with, and/or other police officers on scene.
  • Riders will NOT chase, stop, detain, or question anyone regarding a police incident.
  • Riders will NOT represent themselves as a police officer or wear or display any badge, shield, patch, or any other item that would reasonably present the rider as a Police Officer. Nor will the rider wear any clothing that is considered offensive, inappropriate, disrespectful or that is potentially gang related.
  • In certain situations, an officer has the discretion to temporarily leave their rider at a safe location and arrange for alternate transportation or end the ride-along.
  • NO weapons of any kind are allowed by the rider during the ride along.
  • Off duty officers in good standing shall be allowed to carry concealed with approval from the Chief of Police.
  • Riders are expected to maintain a proper hygiene.
  • Ride-along riders are riding with The Idaho Springs Police Department and all information received while performing official duties is strictly confidential and should not be discussed outside of the Idaho Springs Police Department.
  • Riders should be advised that law enforcement audio and video recording devices may be active during the ride along.
  • All photography/audio/video recording is prohibited during the ride along without the consent of the Chief of Police.
  • Cell phone usage, to include texting and social media use is prohibited during a ride-along with the Idaho Springs Police Department.
  • While every effort will be made to ensure your safety, the officer’s first responsibility will be to carry out his/her assigned duty.
  • If you are an off-duty LEO you shall not be considered on duty, represent him/herself as a member of this department, or participate in law enforcement activity except as emergency circumstances require.
  • Violations of any of these rules may be grounds to terminate the ride-along and/or future ride-along with this agency.


Police Records Request

Most police reports are public information and can be obtained by filling out a request form. You may complete the following online records request, visit the police department, or complete a PDF form. If you would like to request a form, contact the police department during business hours and we can mail, fax, or email one to you. The form must be returned to us with an original signature. 

Once your request is received, a records custodian will verify existence and status of a record. If a record is able to be released, you will be contacted with payment instructions. Please ensure you provide an accurate email address. 

Police Records are not releasable until your case has been adjudicated (a formal judgement or decision has been made in your case.) You can request discovery through the 

Body Worn Camera Footage

Some things to keep in mind when requesting body camera footage, the camera footage is only your interactions with the officers, the body camera does not contain the traffic infraction committed, or the alleged offense that occured. In order to comply with Senate Bill 20-217, and House Bill 21-1250 body worn camera footage will have to be blurred to protect the privacy of individuals. The blurring process is extremely time consuming and often takes days to complete. 


ISPD Records Request

Citizen Compliment / Complaints

A Guide to the Citizen Complaint Process:

Our Policy: It is the policy of the Idaho Springs Police Department to investigate ALL complaints against the department or its employees. This ensures the integrity of the department while protecting the rights and interest of both citizens and department members. 

Who may complain? Any person, regardless of age, sex or nationality, who witnesses, or has direct knowledge of police misconduct, may file a complaint with the Police Department. 

When should you complain? You should contact the department whenever you witness behavior by any department member which is a violation of city, state, or federal law, involves the excessive use of force, or involves discourteous or abusive treatment.

How do you file a complaint? Generally, complaints are filed through the supervisor of the member involved. If the immediate supervisor is unavailable, another supervisor may take the complaint.

Who investigates the complaint? Department supervisors are charged with maintaining discipline and with overseeing the conduct of members assigned to them. In most cases, the supervisor of the member conducts and investigation and reports the incident through the chain of command for disposition. Serious administrative investigations may be conducted by the department's command staff. Investigations involving alleged criminal activity are investigated and referred to another outside law enforcement agency..   

What is the Complaint procedure? After the supervisor has interviewed all parties involved the disposition will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Sustained- there is substantial evidence to prove the allegation.
  • Not Sustained- there is insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegation.
  • Unfounded/Exonerated- the allegation is false or the incident occurred but was lawful and proper.
  • Policy Failure- allegation is true but the member followed policy. Policy is examined and if necessary, modified. 

What is the disciplinary process? If a complaint is sustained, disciplinary action may be taken which consists of one of the following measures:

  • Supervisory Documentation
  • Verbal Reprimand
  • Written Reprimand
  • Suspension
  • Demotion
  • Dismissal

In addition to any disciplinary action, the employee may receive counseling and, where appropriate, training to correct deficiencies.  

What will you be told? After the thorough investigation of the complaint the employee's supervisor, or another supervisor, will promptly contact you. You will be advised of the supervisor's findings, The Department is not permitted to comment on employee/disciplinary actions under State law.

Responsibility-ours and yours: The Police Department views all citizen complaints against its employees very seriously and actively pursues investigations into misconduct. For this reason, you must ensure that your complaint is based on facts and you have provided us with all these facts to the best of your ability. If you intentionally make a false report to this department you should know that making the ralse report could result in criminal and/or civil legal proceedings being filed against you. 

Our commitment to you: Members of the Police Department shall at all times strive to be courteous and professional in all dealings with the citizens we serve. It is the hope of the Idaho Springs Police Department that all of your contact with our employees are positive. If not, we will endeavor to to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction in a prompt and objective way. 

A message from the Chief: The Idaho Springs Police Department is dedicated to protecting the rights of all citizen't regardless of race, age, sex, nationality, religion or political preference. We consider the protection of individual rights to be extreme importance and for that reason, we have established safeguards, within our department to discourage abuse of authority by police employees. Complaints relating to police employee abuse are taken very seriously and are carefully investigated. If any citizen feels a police employee has acted in a manner which is abusive or unprofessional, I urge you to report the matter to a police supervisor. Above is the information on our complaint process. Our creed is " commitment to Integrity and Safety through constitutional Policing and Dedication to our community. You assist us in accomplishing this mission when you contact us regarding what you consider to be improper police conduct. 

We would appreciate hearing from you when we have provided you with commendable service too! 

Citizen Compliment/Complaint Form



If you are needing to get an officer your statement in either a motor vehicle crash, or your statement in a criminal case. Please fill out the appropriate one below and email it to the officer handling your case. All emails can be found in the Staff Directory. 

ISPD Statement Form

Motor Vehicle Crash Statement