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Crime Reporting

Idaho Springs Significant Calls

Significant Calls

Between July 31, 2023, and August 03,2023 one male individual called multiple times reporting he heard screaming and a disturbance occurring from the neighbors next door in the 3300 block of Riverside Drive. Each time an ISPD officer responded and checked on the residence next door they found nothing to match the caller’s story of screaming and or a disturbance happening. The male called repeatedly called 911 tying up their phone lines and obstructing their ability to handle emergency calls. The male party was cited once for false reporting and twice for obstruction. 

08/08/23, ISPD was dispatched to the 100 block of County Road 314 on reports of a possible police impersonator. ISPD observed the suspect vehicle in the 200-block traveling towards the officer. While attempting to stop the vehicle and the suspect vehicle made several attempts to go around the patrol vehicle. The officer positioned his vehicle in the middle of both lanes and gave commands to the driver to stop his vehicle. The male party complied and made officers aware that he was armed with a firearm. The suspect came back with a warrant out of Boulder County for assault (strangulation), sexual assault (no consent), and impersonating a public servant. ISPD arrested the male party on his warrant and coordinated with Boulder County to hand over all the evidence ISPD collected.

08/08/23, ISPD conducted a traffic stop of 2900 block of Colorado Blvd. During the contact with the driver the passenger came back with 3 warrants out of Arvada. One warrant for dangerous drugs, and 2 warrants for public order crimes. The driver was issued a warning for speeding, and the passenger was arrested on his warrants.

08/29/23:  ISPD officer was patrolling Idaho Springs when he observed a vehicle traveling in the 2900 block of Colorado with no plates attached to the vehicle.  ISPD initiated a traffic stop with the vehicle and while talking to the driver the party gave officers a false name.  After multiple attempts to identify the suspect, the male party was placed under arrest for false reporting to authorities.  ISPD was ultimately able to identify the suspect. The suspect came back with a warrant for his arrest, as well as his driving privilege was revoked. The male party was arrested for false reporting to authorities, driving under restraint, obstructing a peace officer, and license plates to be attached. 

08/30/23:  ISPD was dispatched to the 2500 block of Colorado Blvd on reports of an unwanted party sleeping in the flower beds. ISPD and CCSO deputies contacted the male party, who was incoherent while speaking to officers. The male party had two warrants for his arrest.  During the arrest the male became verbally combative with officers.  He was arrested on his warrants and charged with disorderly conduct, and camping restrictions.

08/31/23: ISPD was dispatched to the 400 block of Colorado on a report of a male party who was destroying the trailer he resided in. The male party was upset after learning he was being evicted from the property. The owner of the trailer provided officers with video that showed the suspect hitting the trailer with what appeared to be a bat, as well as spray painting words on the outside of the trailer.  After officers determined ownership of the trailer, they attempted to issue a summons to the male party who refused to answer the door and speak to officers again.  A warrant would later be issued for the suspect for criminal mischief.  A few days later the male party was spotted by ISPD walking in the 2400 block of Colorado.  ISPD along with CCSO deputies arrested the male party. During the arrest the male party was combative and was attempted to avoid arrest.  He was booked in on his warrant and charged with criminal mischief and resisting arrest.  

09/01/23: ISPD was patrolling Eastbound I-70 near mile marker 240 when they observed a truck tailgating another vehicle.  The suspect driver continually flashed his high beams at the driver to get over.  When the vehicle in front would change lanes, the suspect vehicle would mirror the other vehicle, change lanes and continue to flash bright lights.  The ISPD officer initiated a traffic stop.  During the traffic stop the officer could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver.  The male party was arrested after field sobriety maneuvers indicated intoxication. The suspect was arrested for DUI, Reckless Driving.

09/05/23: ISPD was patrolling in the 2900 block of Colorado Blvd, when he observed a vehicle exit the highway and enter the roundabout going the wrong way. The ISPD officer initiated a traffic stop with the vehicle. During the stop the officer was notified the driver of the vehicle was driving on a revoked license, the driver was also not able to provide valid proof of insurance, and the passenger in the vehicle came back with two felony warrants for her arrest. The passenger was arrested on her felony warrants, the driver was issued a summons for driving while revoked, no proof of insurance, open container, and traveling the wrong way.

09/06/23: ISPD officer was in the 2900 block of Colorado Blvd when he observed a vehicle driving with expired plates. The officer initiated a traffic stop with the vehicle, the vehicle sped up and entered the parking garage of his residence. The male party had a warrant for his arrest out of Denver Police Department.  The male driver was issued a warning for driving with expired plates and arrested on his warrant.

 09/07/23: ISPD was patrolling I 70 westbound when an officer observed a vehicle with expired license plates. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle and the driver took off at a high rate of speed. The officer stayed behind the vehicle until the vehicle exited at mile marker 238 and stopped in the dirt parking lot. The male party had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on his breath. The male party was arrested for DUI after not satisfactorily completing field sobriety maneuvers.  While the other ISPD officer was inventorying the vehicle to be towed, a firearm was located. The charges included DUI and prohibited use of a firearm.

09/08/23: ISPD officer observed a male and female party in the 2500 block of Colorado Blvd who appeared to be unwell and slouching over as if they were going to fall over. The ISPD officer contacted the parties to check their welfare. The male party was holding a piece of burnt foil, while searching the party officers located drug paraphernalia with suspected narcotic residue. The male party was issued a summons for unlawful possession of controlled substance.

09/13/23: ISPD was patrolling in the 2900 block of Colorado when he observed a vehicle traveling eastbound with a modified exhaust creating a nuisance. The ISPD officer followed the vehicle onto I 70 Westbound, the vehicle failed to maintain its lane of travel. The officer initiated a traffic stop with the vehicle. The vehicle made no indication that he was going to pull over. The vehicle took the 235 westbound offramp, failed to stop at the stop sign and eventually came to a stop. During the traffic stop the officers noticed a glass pipe sticking out from the air vent, they also located more drug paraphernalia as well as small baggies containing controlled substances. The male suspect did not provide proof of insurance and was also driving on a revoked drivers license.  The male party was the restrained on a protection order that stated he wasn’t allowed to possess or consume controlled substances and was not allowed to drive without a valid driver’s license. The male driver was arrested and charged with, nuisance of exhaust, failed to drive within a single lane, misdemeanor vehicular eluding law enforcement, stop sign violation, drove while revoked-habitual traffic offender (aggravated), no proof of insurance, possession of controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and violation of protection order (x2).

09/15/23:  ISPD took a report from a local gas station that two juveniles entered the gas station and distracted the attendant to leave the counter.  They asked the attendant to go outside and help one of them with a bicycle.  The other juvenile went behind the counter and stole over $500 dollars’ worth of various vaping products. The juveniles have been identified and ISPD has forwarded charging documents to the Clear Creek County DA’s Office for review.

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Reporting a Crime

Please read the following information carefully before reporting

If this is an emergency, please call 9-1-1

You must provide contact information in order to file a report.

Keep in mind MOST case reports are PUBLIC RECORDS and are open to inspection.

Emailing a statement to an officer does not mean they will get it at the exact time you submit it, so remember this option is only if this is NOT an emergency or a in progress crime. 

The incident must have occurred within the city limits of Idaho Springs. 

It must not involve firearms or other weapons. 

If you have any information or tips that could help investigations with any ongoing cases with Idaho Springs Police Department please call (303)567-4291, or submit a written statement


False Police Reports

Filing a false police report is a crime according to Colorado State Statute 18-8-111 and Idaho Springs Municipal Code 17-143.