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ISPD is currently looking to identify this male suspect, who is believed to be the person of interest in a theft that occurred the 300 block of Soda Creek road. If you are able to identify this person please contact Officer Bailor referencing case number 220225. 

Suspect in Case number 220225



ISPD is actively seeking to identify this male who was involved a vehicle trespass, where he damaged the vehicle in attempt to steal the motor vehicle. If you are able to identify this person of interest please contact Officer Bailor.


Suspect in Case Number 220278


ISPD Crime Fighters

The purpose of the Crime Fighter site is to publicize information regarding active cases in which ISPD needs your help. ISPD will be posting photographs and other information related to on-going investigation and we need your help. The persons shown in the photographs on this site are people ISPD is attempting to identify.. The persons may be suspects, may be witnesses, and may be people we are needing to talk with regarding their involvement in a specific incident. If you have any information that can help with identifying individuals that you see on here, please contact the officer listed in the case by email.