Weekly Report January 3, 2021

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City of Idaho Springs

Weekly Report

January 3, 2022












Andrew Marsh

Mayor Hillman

Jonathan Cain

Kelsey Smith

Jerad Chipman

Chuck Harmon

John Bordoni

Patti Tyler

Nathan Buseck



Mayor Michael Hillman

The new members of City Council will be seated on January 10th, 2022.

A Special Improvement District was formed to help finance Downtown Improvements to include the Mobility Hub. The City and Property Owners are working to determine potential assessments of Downtown Property along with exploring other financing opportunities.

Free Vaccines are available at walk in clinics throughout the County on Wednesdays; Vaccinations are available at Safeway anytime. There is also free COVID testing available throughout the County. Flu Shots are also now available. Details are on the County Website.

The City’s new planters for Miner Street were delayed in their arrival to the City. They will be here this week. These will be used as traffic safety and calming tools.  

The ERTF will be meet today at 2:00 via Zoom. There will be an update from the County Health Director. The meeting will be live streamed.     \

The dedication of the Water Resource Recovery Facility will be on Friday at 10:00 am. A reminder invitation will be resent this week.

City Administrator Andrew Marsh

Construction of Phase 1 of the Virginia Canyon Mountain Park Trail System is underway. The first Trail, to include Uphill Mountain Biking and Hiking segments is expected to open in May of 2022.

The City has applied and received funding from the Department of Local Affairs Energy Mineral Impact Fund to construct a Public Works Facility East of the City. City Staff is working on a Bid Project to get underway this spring.

The Water Resource Recovery Facility Plant Dedication will happen on Friday January 7 at 10:00 AM. Access to the plant is only available from the Hidden Valley Exit off of Interstate 70.

There have been some conversations with the Colorado Department of Transportation about a funding source known as “Revitalizing Main Streets Grant”. The City received a grant from this project in 2020. There are now large-scale grants for 2 million dollars that might be useful for addressing the Parking Structure and Mobility Hub Downtown. Assistant City Administrator Cain will attend a pre application meeting for this grant in January; the due date is in February. This will be coming to City Council in Work Session to discuss in early January. Money has been budgeted in 2022 for this project.

The City will be applying for additional grant funding for the Library Landscape project in 2022.

Idaho Springs Police Department

The Holiday season was fairly uneventful for the ISPD. Some traffic issues on the highway but no significant concerns.

The County is currently under a stage 1 fire ban. This bans shooting (except for hunting) and open fires. The City follows Clear Creek guidance on Fire Bans.

The Idaho Springs Police Department has three openings. Two for a Police Officer, and one for a Lieutenant. Applications are available on the City Website.

Clear Creek County has a mask order in place, effective Tuesday December 7. Patrons of Local Businesses are required to wear masks. Those that do not comply can be charged with criminal trespass.

Deputy City Clerk Wonder Martell

City Hall is open for business. Only 2 members of the public are allowed into the building at any time. You can do business over the phone or through the mail slot. City Council and Commissions have returned to Virtual Meetings. Outside groups cannot meet in person at City Hall.

Two residents submitted letters of interest to City Council for the seat to be vacated by Chuck Harmon on January 10th. The appointment will be made by the new Council.

Late Fees on Water and Sewer Bills were suspended at the beginning of the Pandemic to reduce pressure on residents. City Council has directed staff to reinstitute late fees on Water and Sewer Bills starting in January.

There will be a hybrid meeting on January 10th, City Council (Incoming and Outgoing) will attend in person along with Immediate Staff. Public Comment will be virtual.

Public Works Director John Bordoni

Property Owners are responsible for removing snow from the sidewalks adjacent to their buildings within 24 hours of 2” of snowfall. Property Owners are also responsible to ensure that sidewalks are generally passable and safe.

Please do not flush anything but Toilet Paper down your toilets.

Remember that with Cold Weather setting in Pipes can freeze and cause damage to property. Remember to winterize your property and to take precautions to avoid this issue.

Outdoor water and irrigation lines operated by the City have been winterized. We will resume watering in the spring.

Community Development Planner Jerad Chipman

Variance Board, Planning Commission and Historic Sites and Facilities Commission all have seats available. Those interested should submit a letter of intent to the City.  

Planning Commission has been canceled this week.

HPRC will have a training session in February.

There may be variance board meeting in February.