The Great Pumpkin Caper at Carlson Elementary School

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The preschool class at Carlson Elementary School planted, watered and were growing pumpkins in preparation for
Halloween. They worked very hard to nurture and care for their pumpkin patch. Some of the preschoolers had hoped
the “Great Pumpkin” from the Peanuts cartoon was going to make an appearance at the pumpkin patch during the
upcoming Halloween festivities.
However, on September 22nd, 2021 at approximately 9:40 pm the prospect of learning how to clean a pumpkin, roast
pumpkin seeds and even paint a pumpkin (no knives for preschoolers!) was dashed when an unknown group of suspects
decided to steal pumpkins from the Carlson Elementary preschool pumpkin patch. The suspects made off with at least
six pumpkins. ISPD has surveillance video of the thieves and is carefully analyzing the grainy video to try and identify the
suspects. The preschoolers even tried to lend a hand by looking for evidence (footprints, clues, etc.) in the investigation
as illustrated in the below.
ISPD continues to investigate this crime in order to bring the pumpkin thieves to justice. ISPD recognized there was not
enough time to begin growing new pumpkins in time for the Halloween festivities, so our employees took it upon
themselves to replace the stolen pumpkins. The kind and hard‐working Carlson preschoolers stepped up to help to
unload the replacement pumpkins. If you have information regarding this crime, please call ISPD at 303‐567‐4291.

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