School is Back in Session!

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Please Slow Down:  Kids are Back to School

The Idaho Springs Police Department would like to welcome students, parents and teachers back to Carlson Elementary School.  ISPD also would like to remind motorists to slow down in the areas of Carlson Elementary along with the various school-bus stop locations around the City.  It’s never more important for drivers to slow down and pay attention than when kids are present – especially before and after school.  Here are a few tips to help in getting everyone safely to and from school.


  • Do not stop in the middle of the roadway and allow children to load and unload.
  • Do not double park in the roadway, it blocks visibility for other children and vehicles.
  • Do not block the crosswalks when stopped at a stop sign or waiting to make a turn, forcing pedestrians to go around you; this could put them in the path of traffic.
  • Never pass a vehicle that has stopped for pedestrians.
  • Never pass a school bus from behind – or from either direction if you’re on an undivided road – it is stopped to load or unload children.
  • Know where your school zones are and make sure to look for the flashing yellow lights indicating lower speeds and children are likely present.
  • Always stop for a school official or officer holding up a stop sign, indicating pedestrians are crossing.
  • If the yellow and/or red lights are flashing on a school bus and the stop arm is extended, traffic must stop.
  • “Head UP, Phone DOWN.”  Phone calls and texts can WAIT while driving.
  • Be alert, children are often unpredictable, and they tend to ignore hazards and take risks.

Please do your part to keep our children safe and welcome to the 2021 school year!