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A City of Idaho Springs police officer has been terminated due to a use of force incident effective July 15, 2021.
Nicholas Hanning was formally charged with 3rd Degree Assault – At Risk Adult, a class 6 felony, by the Office
of the District Attorney, 5th Judicial District. He had been on administrative leave. Hanning worked with the
Idaho Springs Police Department (ISPD) for the last three years (hired 10/02/2017) and during that time, had
no complaints related to the use of force.
On May 30, 2021, two Idaho Springs police officers contacted a 75‐year‐old male at his apartment in
connection with a call for service which had been made by a neighbor. The man opened the door with a
sword‐like object in his right hand. The officers had not identified themselves as “police” when knocking on
the door. Hanning entered the man’s apartment and a physical altercation, initiated by Hanning, took place.
The man then followed the officers’ commands to put down the weapon, walked a few steps towards the
officers, and began speaking with the officers. Hanning ultimately deployed his Taser, striking the victim. The
victim was not armed or holding any weapon at the time he was tased. The victim was taken to St. Anthony’s
Hospital for treatment.
ISPD Chief Nathan Buseck quickly initiated both a criminal investigation of the incident, to be done by an
outside agency, and an internal review. Chief Buseck requested a criminal investigation be initiated by
contacting the District Attorney’s Office for the 5th Judicial District. The ISPD fully cooperated with the
Colorado Bureau of Investigation throughout the criminal investigation. Chief Buseck also expressed his
concern for the victim’s condition and extended his thoughts and prayers to the victim and his family, through
the victim’s identified representative.
The police officers’ body camera (bodycam) footage related to this incident was provided to the District
Attorney’s Office for the 5th Judicial District as evidence for its independent criminal investigation. The ISPD
attended a hearing on July 13, 2021 at the Clear Creek County Court regarding the proper release of the
bodycam footage, given very recent changes in the law. Judge Cynthia Jones heard discussion regarding the
new law signed by Colorado Governor Jared Polis on July 6, 2021 (HB 21‐1250). Judge Jones interpreted the
new law and ordered that the proper deadline for the public release of blurred bodycam footage is no later
than July 29, 2021 (blurred to obscure identity of non‐officers in footage who have not consented to waive
privacy rights). After the mandated blurring has been done, the 5th Judicial District Attorney’s Office will be
the public point of contact for the footage:
“The Idaho Springs Police Department took immediate and decisive action by requesting that an outside
agency perform a criminal investigation into the incident,” said Chief Buseck.
“The actions of former Officer Hanning are not reflective of the culture of our organization. ISPD is an agency
that takes great pride in how we interact with our citizens and this incident was not acceptable.“

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