Idaho Springs Police Department Press Release: Suspect drives into Home and Flees

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Suspect Drives into Idaho Springs Home and Flees 01.15.22 On 01/15/22 at approximately 12:09 a.m. the Idaho Springs Police Department was dispatched to the 1500 block of Colorado Blvd. to a report of a vehicle that hit a home and then fled the area. An ISPD officer arrived on scene and determined the suspect had left the roadway in the 1500 block of Colorado Blvd., stuck a flower container, then drove into the side of a home. The suspect then backed out of the home, struck multiple parked cars, and fled the area. The home was occupied at the time of the crash; however no one was injured. The home has a total of three separate apartments. Clear Creek County Fire Department, Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Dept. and the Clear Creek County Victim’s Advocates responded to the scene to assist. Due to the severe damage to the home, residents were allowed to gather a small number of personal belongings and they were taken to various Idaho Springs hotels for the night. The Mayor of Idaho Springs, Chuck Harmon, has partnered with the Clear Creek County Advocates and agreed to temporarily house the residents for at least a week to assist those that were impacted by this event. On 01/15/22 at approximately 10:37 a.m. the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s department was dispatched to an alleged report of a stolen vehicle near Empire, Colorado. Deputies contacted the owner of a 2020 Silver Dodge 2500 truck who initially wanted to report his truck as stolen and that he found the severely damaged truck a few blocks from his home. After further questioning by deputies, the individual ultimately confessed to having been the driver of the truck that had struck the home in Idaho Springs and his truck had not been stolen. ISPD continues to fully investigate the matter and will be submitting documentation to the District Attorney’s Office for the 5th Judicial District supporting pertinent charges for the suspect. Idaho Springs Police Chief Nathan Buseck said, “Our hearts go out to the multiple families that were impacted by this incident. The response to this incident by multiple agencies is representative of the great teamwork of emergency responders in Clear Creek County and our community’s willingness to help out our residents in a time of need.” 

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