I-70 Floyd Hill to Veterans Memorial Tunnels Environmental Assessment Availability

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The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announce the I-70 Floyd Hill to Veterans Memorial Tunnel Environmental Assessment (EA) is available for 60 days for public review and comment. The Comment Period ends October 1, 2021.

The I-70 Floyd Hill to Veterans Memorial Tunnels Project would add capacity and modernize highway infrastructure on I-70 between Floyd Hill and Idaho Springs. THe Project would improve travel time reliability, safety, and mobility. CDOT has identified the Canyon Viaduct Alternative as the projects prefered alternative. Among other improvements, it would elevate the highway over Clear Creek Canyon between US 6 and Central City/Hidden Valley interchanges. Review details in the EA.

The EA is available on the Project Website (bit.ly/FloydHill) and in hard copy at the Clear Creek County Offices (405 Argentine Street, Georgetown, CO, 80444) and at Idaho Springs City Hall (1711 Miner Street, Idaho Springs, CO, 80452).


Written comment or questions can be submitted through the project website, project email (cdot_floydhillproject@state.co.us) or by mail or email to:

Vanessa Henderson Shaun Cutting, PE
CDOT Region 1 FHWA- Colorado Division
2829 West Howard Place, 2nd Floor 12300 West Dakota Avenue, #180
Denver, CO, 80204 Lakewood, CO, 80228
720.497.6924 720.963.3107
vanessa.henderson@state.co.us shaun.cutting@dot.gov

All comments will be considered and issued a written response, which will be included with the final EA decision document expected in early 2022.

CDOT has developed virtual public engagement materials on the Project Website to support the review of the EA.

For assistance with reviewing the EA or online materials, please call the project hotline at 303.512.4408