City of Idaho Springs Conducting Short Term Rental License Lottery

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The City of Idaho Springs has an open Short Term Rental (STR) license, and could potentially have more open licenses at the conclusion of the current STR license renewal process.  Interested applicants must submit a complete letter of interest that includes the following information: (1) License application. Applications for a short term rental license shall be submitted to the City Clerk on a form provided by the City, and the City Clerk shall accept no incomplete applications. Applications shall provide the following information: (a) The full name, residential address and telephone number for the applicant. (b) The full name, address and telephone number of an authorized agent with either a residential or business address within fifty (50) miles of the City, along with a copy of the writing designating the agent to act, in the applicant's absence, as the representative of the applicant on issues related to the short term rental. (c) A sworn affidavit that the applicant has followed all license requirements, that there are no private rules or covenants that prohibit the use of the licensed premises as a short term rental, and that the application is complete and contains no false, misleading or fraudulent statements. (d) The address of the proposed licensed premises, a description, and an illustration or photograph(s) of the area(s) that will be used for short term rental purposes. (e) Proof of the lawful possession of the licensed premises by the applicant, either by deed or lease. If the applicant is not the owner, the application shall include written authorization, signed and notarized, from the owner of the licensed premises for the use of the same for short term rentals. (f) Proof of applicant's primary residence at the licensed premises, by providing: (1) the applicant's driver's license OR Colorado state identification card; AND (2) the applicant's voter registration; motor vehicle registration; OR document(s) designating a residence for tax purposes. (g) An application fee in an amount set forth in the City Fee Schedule. (h) A delineated off-street parking plan for guests' cars, which provides for parking for all users of the rental space. (i) Such other information determined necessary by the City Clerk to evaluate the compliance of the applicant, licensed premises or proposed short term rental activity with the requirements of this Code. Please submit your letter of interest to Deputy City Clerk Wonder Martell by 5:00 P.M. March 4, 2022 at City Hall, 1711 Miner St., PO BOX 907, Idaho Springs, CO 80452 or via email at  Please call Community Development Planner Jerad Chipman with any questions at 303.567.4421 ext. 118.