Managed Parking Program Guidelines

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October 26, 2020

Dear Residents of the City of Idaho Springs and Clear Creek County:

On Friday, the City made the decision to reopen Miner Street to vehicular traffic following a recommendation from the City’s Economic Recovery Task Force, a group composed of Business Owners and Residents of Idaho Springs. This decision was made due to the ongoing CDOT construction impacting the City parking lots which is expected to continue until at least Thanksgiving.

With Miner Street now open for vehicular traffic, I wanted to send out a reminder regarding how the City’s Managed Parking Program works.

  • Any Residents of the City or the County who have registered their vehicle with Interstate Parking may park for free in the Downtown Parking Lots, as long as the rules and laws of the City in regard to parking are followed.
  • Employees may register for a permit to park in the Bustang Lot, the Resource Center Lot, or in the back of the Parking Lots to the South of Downtown.
  • Miner Street and the Cross Avenues between 14th-17th from Center Alley to the Lots are paid parking for visitors and residents between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
  • The Price for Paid Parking is as follows: 1rst Hour is Free, 2nd Hour costs $1, 3rd Hour costs $1, and every hour thereafter costs $5.
  • Vehicles with proper ADA documentation may park anywhere in the Downtown Area for free without limitation.
  • There is Residential Permit Parking that in general includes the following areas:
    1. The North Side of Miner Street from 9th to 13th Avenues
    2. All of 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th Avenues from Virginia Street to Miner Street
    3. All of Colorado Boulevard from 9th -17th Avenues. There is a small 3-hour parking area on the South Side of Colorado Blvd. South of the United Center and the whole north side of Colorado Blvd. between 16-17th Avenues.
    4. All of Virginia from 10th – Avenue Illinois.
    5. All of Illinois and all of Placer.
    6. Miner Street from Clear Creek to Safeway is Resident Permit only parking.
    7. The Avenues between 14th and 17th are Resident Permit Parking only between Center Alley and Colorado Blvd. to the North. South of Center Alley is Paid Parking.
  • Any Resident of the City registered with Interstate may park in the Residential Permit Parking Area. Residents of the County may not, unless they are guests of Residents that live in this area.
  • If you do live in the residential permitted area, you may register “recurring guests” into your household so they may park for free without limitation. If you have “less frequent guests”, you can email or call Interstate Parking.
  • If you notice a vehicle parked in the residential permitted area that should not be there, you can call the Interstate Parking Ambassadors at 303.825.0429.

The Parking Management System was designed to protect Residential Parking and make sure that residents retain access to the places in your community. We believe that every Resident of the City has a right to access the entire City for free, and the managed parking program helps us do that. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the program.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Mayor Michael Hillman

City of Idaho Springs