A letter from the City to the persons being displaced at Lodge of the Rockies

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To the persons being displaced at the Lodge of the Rockies:

On behalf of the City Council, I am writing to let you know that we understand the challenges and stress that come with having to relocate on short notice. Since the City was first notified of this situation two days ago, the City has been working closely with Clear Creek County Human Services to address the immediate needs of those being displaced.

As you know, the Clear Creek Fire Authority and the Idaho Springs Building Department have posted the Lodge of the Rockies as unfit for occupancy and have ordered the property owner to evacuate the building by 5:00 PM today. The building may not be reoccupied until the property owner completes the necessary repairs.

For those of you who have nowhere else to relocate today, the City has committed to fund a local motel room as an alternative place to stay overnight until next Friday, December 18. This will provide displaced individuals with lodging for the next week and with more time to arrange for longer term housing. The City and the County are collaborating to identify more funding to provide additional nights of lodging that may be needed based on individual circumstances. As well, the City and the County are assisting those who have been displaced with information regarding tenant rights in relationship with their landlord. 

The City is also offering Individual Assistance Grants in $200 increments in the form of cash or Safeway gift cards. The application is simple and quick, and awards are often made the same day as application. A copy of the application is attached to this letter. Applications may be submitted online or delivered to City Hall at 1711 Miner Street. While the building is closed to the public, staff is working inside and is available to assist during 8:00 am and 5:00 pm weekdays. For more information about this program, please visit the City's website at www.idahospringsco.com or call City Hall at 303.567.4421.

Thank you to everyone who obtained the COVID-19 test that was offered by Clear Creek County Public Health. The City's top responsibility is protecting the health, safety and welfare of those who call our community home. We will continue to coordinate with the County to assist those in need in any way possible.


Michael Hillman